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Ristorante il Noceto sicilia etnaThe restaurant business is targeted primarily to guests who stay in the farm only on request. We also accept external guests , but in limited numbers and by reservation only.
The menu is typical of Sicily and the area of the Nebrodis .

All vegetables and cheeses are organically produced on the farm or farms in the area . The pasta dishes are made with homemade pasta , seasoned with the company's products .

Specialties of the first: Pasta alla Norma with eggplant and ricotta cheese fries , macaroni, ravioli with ricotta and wild and cultivated vegetables , Sicilian lasagna with meat sauce , baked pasta .

The meat comes from local farms or the area of the Nebrodis.

Specialty seconds: veal rolls to Messina , lamb , pork shank , pork Nebrodian black baked etc. . It also served the fish from Catania.

The dried fruit is produced on the farm using organic methods ; fresh fruit comes from the Etna where they produce peaches and strawberries are Mojo Alcantara Maletto , apples and pears of the Nebrodis, well-known and renowned as typical products.

The wine is produced in the vineyards of Randazzo, Mascali and around an ancient tradition .

N.B. In case of special requirements the menu will be adapted to the demands of the guests.

The continental breakfast buffet.


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